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1st November 2022 - Current

Professor Ts. Dr. Mohd Khairul bin Ahmad

1st April 2019 - 24th October 2022

Professor Dr. Nafarizal Bin Nayan

1st October 2017 - 31st March 2019

Professor Dr. Abu Khari Bin A'ain

1st August 2015 - 30th September 2017

Professor Dr. Yusri Bin Yusof


Short-term Strategy
  1. At the beginning of its establishment, I²E is a University's internal institute for undergoing development process until it reaches the criteria of a national-level institute recognized by KPT.
  2. I²E will implement efficient and transparent policies and administrative systems to ensure that Research Centers and Centers of Excellence work effectively.
  3. The University will channel the annual allocation to the Center for Research and Centers of Excellence via I²E.
  4. Academic staff can conduct research at I²E and at the same time carry out academic tasks in the faculty. The burden of research at I²E should be taken into account in determining the academic load in the faculty.
  5. I²E will also be involved in research and consultation with outsiders.
  6. Research Centers and Centers of Excellence placed under I²E will always be allowed to carry out research in their respective fields of expertise.
Long-term Strategy
  1. Offer a degree program by research and PhD.
  2. Engineering educator will be placed at I²E who will carry out full-time duties in research and consultancy.
  3. The I²E will seek funding through international research grants and professors.
  4. I²E will actively participate in a locally and internationally-oriented strategic research product oriented
  5. Within ten years, I²E will be able to independently financially through research and consultancy activities.


  1. Provide a platform to support Engineering-Based Centers and Engineering-Based Excellence Centers to work together more effectively.
  2. Conducting integrated research that seeks to boost industrial production capacity to strengthen international business competitiveness.
  3. Offering integrated consulting services to clients with the concept of "one stop centre for engineering solution".
  4. Train human resources to have integrated engineering expertise to meet current challenges and needs.
  5. To provide advisory, consulting and business matching services to potential techno-entrepreneur in integrated engineering.
  6. Offers postgraduate programs (research) in integrated engineering by adhering to the governing authorities.
  7. Increase the acquisition of internationally-integrated research grants from various sources.
  8. To assist the government in preparing policies and the development of integrated engineering-related policies.


  1. The timeline of preparing paperwork on the establishment of an institute was started in December 2008 through the First Retreat which discusses the National Strategic Plan (PSPTN) 2007-2010 policy plan, and how UTHM can play its role and identify the challenges related with the development and excellence of a university in the short and long term. This was followed by the Second Retreat (6-8 February 2009) and the Third Retreat (12-15 March 2009).
  2. On April 22, 2009, the Joint Meeting of the Dean and Head of Excellence Centre chaired by the Vice-Chancellor agreed to make a decision to appoint K-UTECH (now UTHM Holdings Sdn. Bhd.) to establish a consultative team for the purpose of establishing a new institute at UTHM. This consultation team is also required to provide the Term of Reference (TOR) for that purpose.
  3. A series of discussions were held to further elaborate the establishment of the I²E until the I²E paperwork complete with the "Business Plan" for each institute paper. Thus, approximately 30 meetings / workshops within or outside of UTHM involving consultants (from within and outside universities) and designated industrial panel have been carried out to achieve the establishment of I²E papers throughout 2008 to 2011. The combined "Task Force" membership is from internal and external universities with their background and expertise that have been directly involved throughout the preparation of this paper.
  4. The paperwork for the Establishment of the Institute for Integrated Engineering (I²E), UTHM was presented at the Executive Committee No. 17/2010 on 23rd September 2010. However, the meeting agrees to approve this paperwork without involving any financial implications as in the application. To enable this institute to operate, the allocation of funds allocated to the faculty for the expenditure of the existing centers of excellence and assets purchased will be distributed to this institute. At that time it was decided that a new building that would place the administration of the institute could be initially planned to be included as one of the development projects under the Tenth Malaysia Plan. The papers should be presented first to the Senate Meeting, before they are taken for further approval at the University Board of Directors' Meetings.
  5. The 11th Malaysia Plan (RMK 11) on May 27, 2014, chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) attended by the Dean of ORICC, Head of Excellence Center has agreed that the establishment of this I²E should be continued in 2014. While the need other requirements such as new buildings and existing building / lab expansion are listed as one of the projects to be applied in RMK 11 by the Center of Excellence under ORICC.
  6. To succeed this paperwork, the ORICC, as the head of the Center for Excellence at UTHM, is advancing this paper to enable the establishment of these institutes to be continued and realized.
  7. The paperwork for establishment of Institute for Integrated Engineering (I²E), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia had been presented and approved at the Senate Meeting No. 1/2014/2015 (Kali ke-135) on 7th September 2014.
  8. The paperwork was then be presented and approved by the University Board of Directors' Meetings No. 3/2014 on 23rd September 2014.

Name :

Institute for Integrated Engineering (I²E)


23rd September 2014.


Research & Innovation Office


Profesor Ts. Dr. Mohd Khairul bin Ahmad


Level 2, Block F6, Research Management Building, UTHM Main Campus Parit Raja
Batu Pahat, Johor,